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When you lose your spouse through death, you obviously get no say-so in the matter. This lack of control and utter helplessness is in strong contrast to the loss of a spouse through divorce, which, though it may be unavoidable, is still an act of will rather than a loss of control over one’s destiny.

Check out our personas guide to learn which type of caregiver you are: the working daughter, caring man, spousal caregiver or long-distance caregiver.. there are millions of people who understand what your journey is like – and that you’re not alone.

And, I’ve got 17 reasons why caregiving makes you awesome. 1. You’re a best friend. Because of your caregiving responsibilities, you’ve lost some friends which means you know how to be a great one. You support and encourage and you stick by a friend when a friend needs one most. Your friends are very lucky to have you. 2. You are open minded because you avoid the danger of assumptions. Others make lots of assumptions about you and your caree which means you know better than to assume.

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Because often the things that make you a caregiver just seem like natural things to do as a son, daughter, spouse, or friend. Failing to recognize yourself as a caregiver can also cause you to fail to recognize the demands and responsibilities being placed on you, and the impacts that may be having on your health and welfare.

How to Deal with Caregiver Resentment and Redirect Your Energy in Positive Ways Posted on July 21, 2017 by Institute on Aging When my mom finally came home after a week in intensive care, she took every opportunity to insist to my siblings and me: "I don’t want any of you to put your lives to the side for me.

Many seniors struggle to accept change, so the thought of you, their primary caregiver, pursuing other interests and relationships may be a deeply troubling possibility. In an attempt to maintain the status quo, they might remind you of your past failed relationships and advise that you should leave well enough alone at your age.