Baby boomers’ retirement: The country’s biggest and most predictable train wreck?

And it mandates that commercial pilots, a good number of them aging baby boomers, retire at. service to most U.S. airports," says a recent report by the Regional Airline Association. "Industry.

 · About 69 percent of baby boomers anticipate working past traditional retirement age, and money and health care are the top reasons.. “It’s like a train wreck.

Are working baby boomers headed for a train wreck?. a serious warning for baby boomers from a new survey on expectations about retirement. It is written by Richard Eisenberg, who is a personal finance editor at Money, as well as roughly 25,000 employees in 18 other countries.

An approaching fiscal crisis or retirement crisis, the baby boomer retirement wave is the US’s biggest and most predictable train wreck. Boomers are less fortunate than their parents’ generation. Most defined benefit pension plans have been replaced by defined contribution plans that offer no set guarantees in salary replacement.

“We had a train wreck. Still, millions of baby boomers are expected to retire over the next few years, leading some experts to predict labor shortages in fields such as engineering, health care and.

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Yet despite forecasts projecting the largest tax. and the impending retirement of Baby Boomers’. Spending increases mandated under Obamacare will increase the share of GDP going to major health.

Leno’s reluctance to leave – for the second time, no less – echoes the sentiments of many baby boomers. a big producer, your neck is on the chopping block.” Those who do have the choice often have.

 · The best way to understand what will happen to your retirement savings in 2017 is to look at it like a remodeling project. many baby boomers and retirees use some of the biggest.

 · The baby-boomer retirement wave has begun. And for millennials and Generation X-, Y- and Zers, and every other post-boomer micro-generation looking.

The train wreck that began in 2007 changed all of that, turning the financial sector into a veritable wasteland and hurting baby boomers more. Some of the most basic illnesses continue to go.

Examining baby boomers: stats, Demographics, Segments, Predictions Baby Boomers have charged social and cultural revolutions and built vast, far-reaching corporate empires.