Britons pile on debt to pay for essentials

Around eight per cent of people admitted they had used debt to pay for their festive spending this year, borrowing money from a financial services firm or family and friends.

Debt management plans generally take three to five years to pay off your debt. Credit counseling firms generally offer some light credit and debt counseling for free, but some firms charge a fee to enroll into a debt management plan, so be sure to ask ahead of time about any fees you’d pay.

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The proportion of consumers planning to rely on debt to pay for Christmas is well up on the 14 per cent of people who borrowed money last year, 34 per cent of whom are still trying to clear their.

Britain owes 72.5bn on credit cards as households pile on debt despite fears for economy. Consumers add extra 400m to credit card balances in November, Bank of England figures show

Private debt is rightly a worry for many Britons. Millions of UK households currently have negative equity or rely on credit card debt or overdrafts to pay for essentials. unsecured consumer credit, the type that’s not related to mortgages, is fast on the rise .

What to do . With this in mind, the most effective way of managing or avoiding financial anxiety over the festive period is through prevention.Tam gave us her top tips on the ways in which you can.

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Britain’s housing market is. more debt. But actually, the chart below shows that while it is cheaper to service debt because of low rates, people are just actually taking on borrowing, spending.

Even though we are told the economy is doing great, all the evidence shows that main street Americans are struggling more and more every day. A recent report claimed that the costs of goods have risen to the point that 25% must use debt to pay for necessities, such as food.

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