Canadians’ debt levels hit record high at end of last year, CMHC says | The Star

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Canadian debt to income ratios hit a record 178.5 per cent in the fourth quarter last year. Average monthly payments rose 4.5 per cent year over year, while income levels grew only 2.5 per cent in the same period. It’s a situation that could put some households underwater in the event of a significant economic downturn, warned CMHC.

Canadians’ debt levels hit record high at end of last year, CMHC says | The Star . Canadians’ debt levels hit record high at end of last year, CMHC says | The Star . TORONTO – Canadian household debt reached a record high at the end of last year even as mortgage activity slowed, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said in a report out Wednesday.

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CMHC says canadians debt levels hit record highs at end of last year. CMHC says Canadians debt levels hit record highs at end of last year. Funny, a mortgage payment for me would be less than my rent. Which would give me more $ to pay down my credit cards. But I don’t qualify for a mortgage so, I’m outta luck.

The household debt-to-GDP ratio increased from almost 93 per cent to just over 101 per cent at the end of 2016, Statistics Canada says. A reduction of even 0.1 percentage points in the country’s GDP can have an impact. For example, Canada saw year-over-year growth in real GDP last year of 1.3 per cent.

The record high debt levels were not met with record growth. The annual pace of growth is 3.6%, nearly 38% lower than the same month last year. This is the 6th consecutive month of deceleration, and the slowest growth since 2001. For August, it’s exceptionally slow, being the worst August since 1995. Canadian Outstanding Mortgage Credit Change

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The debt to income ratio of Canadians hit a record high of 178.5 per cent in the fourth quarter last year as mortgage holders continued to take on non-mortgage debt. The ratio increased as average monthly required payments rose 4.5 per cent compared with a year earlier, while disposable income rose only 2.5 per cent, the agency said.

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