Challenger banks in Canada: who’s who and what’s their tech

Open Banking takes effect in the UK from January 13, forcing banks and payment companies to share data with third parties like tech companies. business insider logo The words "Business Insider".

Three of the world’s 20 strongest banks are Canadian, according to data from Bloomberg Markets. The Desjardins Group tied for second place, with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at number 15 and Royal Bank of Canada in 18th place. Desjardins might be a surprising inclusion for some Canadians.

Banks often adopt new technology and tools more quickly. Broad ATM and branch networks are the norm for big banks; credit unions keep up with large, cooperative networks of ATMs and shared branches.

With Open Banking coming to Canada and the appetite for digital innovation, the country’s challenger banking market is poised for growth. FinTech Futures has put together a list of the current challenger banks and banking services in Canada and the tech they are using.. We’ll be revisiting and updating this list on a regular basis.

via FinTech Futures FinTech Futures has put together a list of the current challenger banks and banking services in South Africa and the tech they are using. Bank Zero A new challenger mutual bank launched its first trial runs in autumn 2018 once it received the banking licence. By spring 2019 it was in beta.

Across Canada, there are several Canadian banks and financial institutions to choose from. Following up on our recent bank reviews and ranking articles (Best U.S. Banks with High-Yield Accounts and No Fees, Top Banks in Australia, and Best British Banks), we have published this list of the top banks in Canada to present a detailed review of Canadian banks that fall into one of two categories:

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