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Moreover, China has a command economy, and its centrally driven policies are lifting millions from the poverty trap each year. and because of the country’s debt burden, many still do. Many.

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Imagine working all your adult life and paying into a pension just to retire broke and bored. Or worse, a burden to your family. But there is something that you can do about it – if you start now..

Here are some tips on how to avoid the Debt Trap.

Debt Trap #10: Income Tax Refund Loans. These are short-term, secured loans from tax-preparation services. The security they use is the income tax amount you expect from the government. They carry outrageous interest rates and fees, ranging anywhere from 67% to 774%! For example, a $500 loan of this kind can cost $197 in fees and interest.

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How to get out of a debt trap? Debt traps are not an imaginary situation. If you are stuck in one, it is high time you take steps in the right direction to come out of it.

There is abundant evidence of the use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by many debt collectors. Abusive debt collection practices contribute to the number of personal bankruptcies, to marital instability, to the loss of jobs, and to invasions of individual privacy. (b) Inadequacy of laws

5 ways to know if you are falling in debt trap Falling into a debt trap is not desirable and the best way to avoid it is to take preventive action to stop falling into it in the first place. Updated: Jan 28, 2015, 02.42 PM IST

GETMONEYRICH is a personal finance and investment blog. blogs are written by a non-finance guy who simplifies the complexities of investment for his readers. How to identify the trap? Use Debt Burden Calculator. 0. There was a time in my life where I’d to spend 50% of my ‘take home salary.