GCB Bank lost GHȼ1bn in 4 months after absorbing UT, Capital banks

UT Bank, Capital Bank Limited Taken Over By GCB Bank Ltd. It said the main offices and branches of UT Bank and Capital Bank would be under the control of GCB Bank and would be opened at 1300 hours on Monday for normal business transactions. The statement assured customers of UT Bank and Capital Bank that they would continue to have access.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has pledged Ghana’s commitment towards ensuring the restoration of normalcy to Guinea Bissau. Guinea Bissau is scheduled to.

GCB Bank Records Decline In Earnings After UT/Capital Bank Assumption By GNA The GCB Bank Limited has recorded a decline in its earnings for the 2017 financial year following its purchase and assumption of UT Bank Limited and Capital Bank Limited in the year under review.

Furthermore, UT Bank and capital bank branches and ATMs will continue to operate as normal as GCB bank branches and ATMs and all staff, in the interim, will become staff of GCB bank and GCB Bank will negotiate the terms of their contract.

The Bank of Ghana last year approved the takeover of Capital Bank and UT Bank by the GCB Bank Ltd after it revoked their licences. GCB was selected amongst three others on the basis of purchase vice, cost of funding, branches to be retained, staff to be employed and impact on the acquiring bank’s capital adequacy ratio.

GCB Bank lost GH1bn in 4 months after absorbing UT, Capital banks Minerals Commission to roll out scheme on sustainable mining business devt Ministry to train 10,000 entrepreneurs

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GCB BANK TAKES OVER UT BANK AND CAPITAL BANK FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. Why has the Bank of Ghana decided to revoke the licenses of UT Bank and Capital Bank? A. UT Bank and Capital Bank were deeply insolvent, meaning that their liabilities exceeded their assets, putting them in a position not to be able to meet their obligations as and when

Ghana’s biggest state bank has revealed that it lost a whopping GHC 1 billion in just four months after it bought over ailing UT bank in 2018. According to the Deputy Managing Director in charge of Finance, Socrates Affram, these was made up of deposits it inherited from the UT Bank and Capital Bank after the takeover and it was lost through panic withdrawals.