I used my HELOC to pay for college. Should I refinance my home mortgage?

Can I Discharge My Home Equity Loan in Bankruptcy and Keep My Home?. Sometimes HELOC is used to refinance first mortgages.. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Loans / Mortgages | Comments Off on Can I Discharge My Home Equity Loan in Bankruptcy and Keep My Home? Share This Story, Choose Your platform! facebook twitter linkedin Reddit Google+ Tumblr.

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However, the prime rate, which is the foundation for the interest you’re charged on home equity. your first and your second mortgage in a refinance. “During these moments in time, when rates.

The value of drawing equity out of your home. One of the best reasons to refinance is to draw some of the equity out of your home. Though many individuals will caution against this, there are some legitimate reasons to make this move. When you refinance and pull the equity out of your home, you can use that money to do a host of things.

Home Equity Loan and HELOC Basics.. just like your primary mortgage. With a home equity loan, you borrow against the value of your home decreased by the existing mortgage (the equity).. However, the most prudent way to spend the cash is on improving your home. If you aren’t able to pay.

Q: My husband just discovered that I took out a $125,000 unsecured loan (at 8.29 percent interest) without his knowledge-and needless to say, he’s furious. I’ve suggested that we either refinance our home or take out a home equity loan to pay off this debt. My husband thinks it’s a waste to refinance, considering we would have to pay closing costs.

Therefore, using some portion of your HELOC to pay off the amortized loan is moving from one loan to another. The way it reduces your mortgage over time is that you use the HELOC to as a checking account. Any and all savings is used to pay off the HELOC.

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If your house is worth more than you owe on it, there are options to. Should your kid have a car in college?. a large amount of equity they can use to finance their long-term goals.. personal goals, the timing of your loan, and how you'd like to pay it. Cash-out refinancing is almost as fast as a HELOC.

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