‘Make Doonbeg great again’: Co Clare welcomes Donald Trump

Leo Varadkar was a study in statesmanlike serenity, face tilted attentively towards Donald Trump as the US president. Donald”, touching down to a hero’s welcome as he was going to buy a big hotel.

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‘Make Doonbeg great again’: Co Clare welcomes Donald Trump Doonbeg cares little about the president’s politics, misogyny or the origins of his money comerfords pub shared a post .

Earlier, President Trump was warmly welcomed to Doonbeg where locals waved American flags and some donned the Make America Great Again. welcome the Trump family, it’s a great occasion. He’s.

Trump urged to make America great again by embracing green tech: UK housing market falters as estate agents become less optimistic: homeless people arent subhuman. One day that might be you sleeping rough | Penny Anderson: Man of Iron: Thomas Telford and the Building of Britain by Julian Glover review the colossus of roads

Donald Trump slammed for calling Ireland part of UK at G7 summit. The US President considers his Doonbeg, Co Clare resort part of Britain

Donald Trump was given the biggest Irish welcome to a rural Co Clare village where locals waved American flags and some donned the Make America Great Again caps.

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TONGUE-IN-CHEEK bookies Paddy Power has welcomed US President Donald Trump to Ireland. petrol pumps were unveiled in Clare this morning, not far from Trump’s Doonbeg resort. And Paddy Power say.

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“It's like Italia '90,” says Joe Pender, as he and other villagers hang bunting in the Irish colours across Doonbeg's Main Street. It is a week.

Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland invites guests to discover Doonbeg, from the beautifully appointed suites of this luxury hotel in Co Clare, Ireland. Located on the tranquil beaches of Ireland, this hotel offers guests old-world luxury.

The banners read A Yuge Welcome To The West,’ Make Americanos Great. in Doonbeg paid tribute to US President Donald Trump in the most bizarre way ahead of his irish visit. kathleen whelan, of.

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