The bar for becoming a homeowner isn’t as high as people think

 · Brian Briggs, Florida: On new construction, you have to be sure that the templater is fully doing their job – checking for level so that when the cabinets are off, the builder (supposedly) will have time to get the issues resolved. If the cabinets are way out of square, they should have time to ask the builder if they want equal overhang or a squared top.

 · By design i don’t think so it never happened with windows 7. and 3 of the computer that have the issue are desktop not laptop or tablet. i discovered than when i switch the main display it seems to fix the issue i probably has something to do with the way windows 10 interact with the video drivers. all the computers here are le novo maybe it’s a video driver thing.

 · I use my tablets for the internet if I’m out of town- which isn’t that often. No way would I use my cellphone when I’ve gotten used to having a 24 in. pc monitor to view the web with. You made another valid point in mentioning “long lost” friends calling for your sons. That happens more than people think.

It’s hipster to give a shit if other people are hipsters or not; this is why people who claim they’re not hipsters are the most hipster of all, because they’re thinking that hard about it, and caring that much about what other people think.

Five things home buyers should never say According to Trulia, "one in five Americans say a housing. advise against buying a home in the first place. "I bought a house when I was 30 years old," self-made millionaire and Grant Cardone tells.

The biggest issue we face isn’t health care or Russia. 2020 candidate who is hitting the high notes: former vice president Joe Biden. “The example we’re showing the rest of the world is sad. Our.

(There are plenty of other boozy tiki drinks, including the high-test. the ground-floor bar until other people leave. 1120 Maine Ave. SE. [dining review: officina serves up three floors of fun on.

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Some told the City Council they witnessed coyotes jumping over fences into people’s backyards while homeowners watched in.

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Buttigieg was asked why the city’s police department isn’t as. high marks for how he’s dealt with the Logan shooting and.

However, the flag probably isn’t still standing. The working presumption at NASA is. Why are there no stars in the background? When people think of what it would be like in space, they might.