The Orange-Durham light rail has become a runaway train

Eddie Blount liked this The Orange-Durham light rail has become a runaway train Following is an op-ed I wrote that the News & Observer published on December 30, 2018.

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In the light rail’s previous design, University Drive would have been widened to allow the train to operate in its median. Local stakeholders asked GoTriangle to explore design alternatives that would avoid the need to widen University Drive.

Under the right conditions I’m a huge fan of light rail. But this is a runaway train. It has to be derailed before we mortgage Durham’s future for a plan that falls far short of a solution.

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The Orange County Board of Commissioners will meet Thursday, April 20, to talk about the $3.3 billion Durham-Orange light-rail transit project and will vote on moving ahead Thursday, April 27.

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The Orange-Durham light rail has become a runaway train In November, I resigned from GoTransit Partners, the group charged with fundraising for Durham-to-Chapel Hill light rail. The reason was a last minute plan to close the Blackwell/Corcoran rail crossing to vehicular traffic, severing downtown Durham’s most vital artery.

Durham-Orange light rail is coming, not all are on board. The light rail map shows six stops within Orange County and 12 stops in Durham. The counties looked at their most populated areas and determined which stops were the best fit. Because Durham has the most stops, more of the financial burden will fall on them.

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Durham and Orange counties’ light-rail project will move into the final design – or Engineering – phase now that the federal transit administration (fta) has received the counties’ revised transit plans and determined the project to be justified under federal review criteria.

Jed Simmons liked this. The Orange-Durham light rail has become a runaway train. Following is an op-ed I wrote that the News & Observer published on December 30, 2018. We need a.