They make less and live longer. That’s why retirement planning is so key for women.

Specifically women may have some unique challenges that make retirement planning quite different for them. Here are just a few things that women have to consider when planning for retirement; Women Live Longer. On average, women are now living to around 81 compared to the life expectancy of 76 for men.

In other words, women are more likely than men to face higher retirement costs and outlive their savings, yet they are less likely to have a strategy in place to combat those risks.

Retirement experts say that even those hit by the Great Recession can retire comfortably if they are willing to work a few years longer than expected.

With lesser earnings and savings, women must prepare for longer. live past 95. Unless they have a job that provides a lifetime pension income, this means women need to save more to cover more years.

Key Highlights.. live longer than men, thereby implying even greater retirement savings needs.. four women expects to retire at age 65, and 22 percent expect to do so before age 65.. More than half of women (54 percent) plan to work after they. percent), “concerned that Social Security will be less than expected” (48.

At least as critical as it is for men, perhaps more so because of two factors. Women have a longer life expectancy than men.. Why Retirement Planning Is So Vital for Women | July 17, 2018. Their retirement may last longer than they anticipate, and their money ought to last as long as they.

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Planning for retirement is important for everyone, but even more so for women.

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And while it is good news that we are living longer than our parents and. women earn less than men even when doing the same jobs and they more. [8] Even when they are eligible to participate in a retirement plan, workers in. Another key to retirement asset accumulation is the number of years in the.

The good news for women: they live longer, so they will have longer to enjoy their retirement. The bad news: they live longer, and so their retirement will be much more expensive than for their male counterparts. women tend to outlive their husbands. Only one-third of women over sixty-five are married, and on average women will survive their husbands by fifteen years.