WA finances to get a $20 million annual boost after state’s credit rating upgraded

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The Commonwealth Government again acknowledged Western Australia’s low share of GST revenue, providing an additional $490 million in funding for the Forrestfield-Airport Link project in 2015-16. This grant was equivalent to the additional funding Western Australia would have received the State’s if 2016-17

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Liquidity, credit, and solvency ratios. of accounting information that would boost the accuracy of their financials. Historically, Starbucks’ return on equity has been driven by increasing.

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My bank has been hounding me to increase my credit line by updating my annual income. They must have some good flags to alert to such things since our spending has bumped a bit on the credit card, partly due to a salary bump, but partly do to trying to get more reward points.

Moody’s has upgraded WA’s credit rating to from AA2 to AA1. was being recognised around the world for getting its finances back on track.. to get a $20 million annual boost after state’s.

State-and-local-government finances have taken. they were rated as such by the credit-rating agencies, those are the same agencies that got it wrong on the subprime-mortgage sector. They’re getting.