What exactly is the CFPB and why does it matter?

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(Pixabay) This is exactly what CFPB critics warned about.. It does not appear to matter to the CFPB that, under the government’s rules, Navient cannot enroll borrowers in that program until.

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In this article, I explain why and what you should do as an investor. I first rehearse what the company does exactly. But.

So what exactly is it, and what does it do for consumers? senator elizabeth warren proposed the idea for an agency like the CFPB in 2007 and, following the Great Recession, it was officially.

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Round 1 of CFPB Leadership Controversy Goes to Mulvaney – Why Does It Matter? Download Share . Email Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. An unusual controversy over the leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) erupted last week, the resolution of which has important ramifications.

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